About Us

Technical Solutions for your peace of mind.

Indigo is the color of the third eye chakra, also called the mind's eye or inner eye. Metaphysically located in the center of the forehead, it acts as the individual’s center of wisdom, and higher consciousness.

IndigoWave Tech was founded with four basic principles of yoga in mind. Mental clarity, simplicity, self-study, and connectedness. It has been our mission the bring these cornerstones to our clients and their businesses by way of technology. 

Based in Atlanta, GA, IndigoWave started in 2019 as a managed services provider whose original aim was to provide basic technical services to the everyday customer. Things like PC repair, Virus Removal, and home network installation were the typical services offered. Since then, the company has expanded to now accommodate a whole suite of professional services needed for small companies with less than 30 employees to thrive in a highly technical economy. With expertise working in industries supporting staff in Medicine, Law, Insurance, Retail and Tech we are here to help you focus on things that are important…