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Email and Cloud Services

Email and Cloud Services

Join the wave of innovation by getting your company email, documents, calendars, and contacts in a secure cloud.

Harness the Power of the Cloud

We help small companies improve access, save money, and increase security with carefully selected cloud services for your email, calendars, and contacts.

Enterprise Grade Email

Use the same email services that over 75% of Fortune 500 companies and top universities use. With Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Exchange server you’ll get the world’s best email, calendar, and contact systems.

Access Data Anywhere

With the power of the cloud, you’ll have access to company data everywhere you  go, on any device. You’ll have powerful productivity features on phones, tablets, and guest machines.

Access From Mobile Devices

Take full advantage of mobile devices (even employee-owned devices) with mobile access and sync tools. Access email, calendar, contacts, documents, and even applications from anywhere.

Email Retention, Archiving, and Ownership

Keep your company email under control with advanced tools for email retention and archiving. You control email retention policies for legal purposes, you keep a copy of all email, even if an employee deletes it, and you legally own all email content. Don’t take risks with legally binding communications, take control over company email.

Email Service Setup and Migration

Ready to upgrade to world-class email service? Our experts will consult with you on your needs, set up the right service, migrate all of your existing company data, and assist each user with access, configuration, and training.

Migrate to the cloud
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