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IndigoWave provides you with enterprise-level IT support, maintenance, and protection for your computer systems and network. We make it affordable to have your own IT staff. 

What We Do

What We Do

Three Reasons to choose IndigoWave

Modern Management

There are multiple ways of doing things. Its no different in the technology industry. Modernizing your management and consolidating functions into as few vendors as possible has certain efficiency benefits simply in terms of total cost of ownership: training, software licensing, fewer points of management and so on. At IndigoWave, we pride ourselves on making this a central consideration in generating our proposals.

We Seek to Understand

At IndigoWave, we recognize that there is a huge disconnect in the industry between the technology and the deep understanding of the people it's meant to serve. Our company culture is meant to bridge that gap. Not only do we provide solutions, but we provides solutions catered toward your specific needs and future goals. 

We Give Small Businesses A Fighting Chance

Security is incredibly important in todays virtual landscape. More people are following their dreams and opening businesses. However, security is rarely at the forefront of that decision. That certainly needs to change. Bad actors in the environment see these companies as ripe for the picking. Especially if sensitive client data is on the table. IndigoWave gives smaller companies with smaller IT budgets the opportunity to implement industry best practices.

A Few Of Our Partners

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Proofpoint Partner
ConnectWise Partner
LastPass Vendor
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